Antelope island July 2019

I’ve been digging this whole south western-ish photos, picture westworld cine stills. I don’t exactly know why but I just can’t get enough of these shots. Check out the ig vlog(@juiceboxtony)…. fair warning it’s kinda really windy but the content is great. Here are some of the pics I got while I was there


Shot on iPhone

The family Decided to visit thanksgiving point to see the butterfly exhibit, I forgot my camera at home and decided to just wing it ( wife’s new motto ) and see how well using just my XR was. I have nothing against people who shoot only on mobile and I know lots of people make a living on just shooting with their phone. I honestly forget how far smart phone photography has gotten.

I know the #shotoniphone contest is a great PR campaign but really shooting photos during the day it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference between smart phone and dslr and the biggest difference is shooting at night since the smaller sensor can’t compete (yet)

PS google does have the night sight feat

here’s a few shots from today’s trip


Fan x 2019

Love going to these events to see what people come as, if I took your photo message me and i’ll send you your picture

Cage match!

My cousin Josh had a match on Sat night and the whole family came along even grandma came !!! here are a few shots taken with my phone

check out the video

pt 2 of the snap app scans. photos shot with Fuji instax mini 90

I got a chance to shoot with a fuji mini 90 over the weekend, our friend Liz had her childs bday at a trampoline park and asked me if I wanted to shoot the event with their instax camera. I haven’t used that camera before and I didnt know so many functions could even exist on a film camera ! ( review on that TBD) So I accepted the challenge and she gave me 5 boxes of film and here are the photos I got using the camera and uploaded by the polar app

Quick impressions of the Snap app on iOS

I’ve been looking for an app that can take a decent shots my instax film without making it look like crap, My options were getting an app, buying a scanner or just shooting it with my camera and calling it good.

The app is on iOS and was 3 bucks ( semi pricey) not really a review since I bought it a few days ago and only shot 20 picks with it but here are my first impressions

make sure you’re not in the reflection of the picture before you take it or it will focus on you and you’ll have to retake it


easy UI

saves to phone and on app storage

auto crops both mini and wide film


some pics taken on the app didnt show enough detail

auto crop isn’t perfect you might have to resize it if it bothers you

check out my IGTV on this also to see more BTS of this


I just finished the #pmwintergridchallenge a few days ago. Here are the photos i’ve taken over the course of the month

check out my IGTV for my thoughts about this project


Do you watch my IGTV? you should I started a new series on it called “ behind the shot” where I show you how I got that shot ( pretty obvious) I really like it not just because I made it, but because when I am scrolling on IG and i’m liking photos I have always wanted to see a BTS of how they took a certain pic. i’ve posted a few videos of them already so go check them out

Quality time with the squid

Last weekend the family went out to Antelope island to take some sweet pics ( Jess got sick and Emilia was napping) and here are a few pics of our sweet trip. While the other 2 girls were out of commission I was not going to let that ruin our trip, so the Squid and I embarked on the trail and here are the shots we got.

Im trying to be on the other side of the camera to have people see what I look like so the shots of just me were taken by the Squid, its extremely difficult to tell someone how you want to photo to look especially if they are a child but that being said the Squid is smarter than most and accepted the challenge and made me look waaaaay cool

stay juicy

My advice broke his Brain....

Do you guys ever try and meet new friends at work or is it just me? last month was Peak season at my work meaning we come in a hour early everyday and work one extra day, but you know when you meet someone new you go through the whole generic questions hey how did you find this place? you have kids? you live close? and the main one so what’s your dream job?. I met this guy I’ll call him John and we went through the whole generic questions and he asked me what my dream job was and I told him Photographing things I like ( portraits, street, weddings and cars) and he asked me a follow up” why do you like photography?” I told him “Photography is easy to do, but hard to master”. He turned to me and said “ damn dude thats deep shit” I don’t exactly know how I made that quote up so fast, but its honestly the deepest thing i’ve said in a really long time . Living in the digital photo age we can shoot hundreds of photos and maybe get one we like

I’ve been doing this for about 10 years and feel like i’m barley scratching the surface of the ins and outs of photography

Tre and Charity

I got a chance to do an engagement photo shoot for Tre and Charity right before the xmas holiday, I am super excited on how these came out. The majority of these were shot using the 50mm for the bokeh and to add be close up without in their faces and a few were taken with the 10-22 to for a wide angle effect.

Lets keep things interesting.

No matter what you do things can become mundane especially in the photography world, it’s just something that happens when you do the same thing over and over again so doing mini photo protects are great for a few reason

1 they can help train your eye to see things in a new way example if you only shoot landscapes do a mini project shooting people you’ll see that shooting people is far different than shooting mountain

2 You can shoot something you’ve always wanted to I always wanted to shoot automotive photography but never pursued it until this last fall and learned its all about angles shooting them

3 Since its a mini project you can set how long you want to shoot for and if you decide to do a mini series about plants and decided to after a week of shooting you hate it you can stop

stay juicy

Double Exposure project 2018

I just finished this project last Saturday but don’t have a cool name for it yet so for the time being i’m just going to keep it as double exposure project. I used my iPhone xr and my canon 70d for this project and edited the photos using Lightroom mobile for the coloring and snapseed for creating the double exposure, I wanted to try and keep this project as simple as possible so thats why I used my phone for the post processing. I turned 28 at the start of this project (November 19 ) and wanted to shoot 28 Double Exposure’s because I thought it sounded like a good idea . I’ve always wanted to shoot double exposures because its something i’ve never shot before and thought I might be good at it, boy was I wrong hahah in theory its just overlaying one picture on top of another. But it took me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to shoot two pictures that would combine to make one good picture. I really had a good time during this project plus I got a few good shots over the 28 uploads

Favorite photographers 2018 edition.

With the end of the year suddenly approaching I wanted to talk to you guys about my favorite photogs some of them I’ve already told you about but some I haven’t yet, they are in no particular order of awesomeness because they are amazing in their own way

1 Peter McKinnon - photo/video/coffee lover. I started following him after his YT upload on camera hacks. He is a landscape/life style photographer with a unique way of shooting wide angle shots that are also close and detailed ( strange combo but it makes sense I promise)

2 Paul Ripke- followed him since the 2014. His approach of photography is what I want to be. His shots are candid but full of emotion like he’s been your best friend for years and brought a camera to party. He shoots cars, women and sports ( also shoots only with Leica how cool is that)

3 Antoine Truchet- I was watching mrbembrown last year as he was shooting a video for Audi and he hired Antoine as a second camera man,the saying the great ones make it look easy is a perfect description of his work. He is a extreme sports photographer/videographer.

4 mrbenbrown- the O.G. Man I’ve followed him since his 365 vlog days (one of the reasons I stated shooting photo/video) he is a extreme sports, life style and car photographer/videographer. Be sure to follow him on YT his visual vibes videos are works of art and I wish he would start uploading more videos (he also shoots canon like me so yeaaa 😎)

5 Ben Haisch- I stared following him for about a year but man he specializes in wedding /Elopement photography. I would love to have had him shoot Jessica’s and my wedding. He shoots with not one but two leicas I dream of having a business where my main camera is a Leica

6-Larry Chen- I actually found out about him while watching a hoonigan video, he is a automotive photographer and a very popular on at that. I recently started shooting cars and use his pictures as refrences before my shoots.

7 Clint (nsfw) He started his photo career with just a iPhone and now shoots with a Leica which is pretty impressive. But he shoots beautiful women and who can hate on that ?

8 stevesweatpants- I found him last year while watching through the lens series on YT, Steve is a street photographer in NYC and is cofounder of streetdreams magazine. Im a loyal canon fanboy but his Sony a7 has caught my eye as maybe my next camera body

make sure to follow them on Instagram. I’ll talk to you next time compadres I’m out

It’s finally here !

You guys square space has an app where you can edit your website through it! I honestly never use a computer unless I’m editing a movie or editing client work. The majority of my photography is shot and edited on my iPhone/ Lightroom

the reason I’m excited for this app is because before I can write blogs faster since I

don’t need to turn on my Mac and log in to start writing!


Rekindled my love with the nifty 50

If you follow me on insta/Youtube you know that during the month of October I did the #pmgridchallenge ( read the last article if you don’t know what i’m talking about)

But during the challenge I wanted to use as many focal lengths as possible to take keep the creative juices flowing because I really only use 10-22. When I was looking at my sweet lens selection consisting of 3 lenses ( 10-22, 50m and a broken tele 75-300 I think) My options were limited and so I grabbed my 50 and 10-22.

I honestly forgot how much I LOVE THE NIFTY 50 it was my first lens purchase and at 125 bucks it doesn’t break the bank they do have a nicer version but its about 90 bucks more

What I love about it

Bokeh ( that background blur is cray 1.8-2.8 is so nice)

Night vision ( since its a 1.8 it can shoot for days and nights)

Price ( at 125 bucks its not breaking the bank plus if it breaks you wont cry as long )

Prime lens ( you zoom with your feet, its a great way to learn about composing an image, 50m you kinda have to be a little farther back then you would think)

First lens ( for many people this is their first lens purchase/ lens that isn’t 18-55 kit lens)

Video ( I shot a video using it that came out great

What I hate about it

No I.S. ( Image stabilization, you have to be very still if your shooting videos handheld so you don’t get an earth quake effect unless your sensor is IBS)

Cheap ( it feels cheap at 125 bucks you cant expect it to last very long )

During the pmgridchallenge 31 shots

14 of my phots were shot with the nifty 50

12 were with my iPhone

4 were with the 10-22

Here are the shots taken on the 50


Peter McKinnon asked his followers on YouTube to join him on a new photo challenge called the #PMGRIDCHALLENGE the rules were simple for the month on October upload one picture a day that showcases the transitions of fall ( think fall related things ) the winner gets a chance to be featured on his channel and gets to have a 1hr long conversation with him. I didn’t win but I still enjoyed every shot

I did start a few days late and ended the project the first week of November Here are the photos from the series

They are eating fire!

Over the weekend we went to a pumpkin festival and they had a “ fire event” I was skeptical since how can you make a fire pumpkin dance but man I was wrong, these guys are legit! ( @smokeshowfireco on insta) you should check them out on insta and book them for your next event!

End of Summer bash

Why haven't I shot cars before !!!! of course I find out how awesome it is at the end of summer bash, Thanks again uprising car and bike club for having this event