Rekindled my love with the nifty 50

If you follow me on insta/Youtube you know that during the month of October I did the #pmgridchallenge ( read the last article if you don’t know what i’m talking about)

But during the challenge I wanted to use as many focal lengths as possible to take keep the creative juices flowing because I really only use 10-22. When I was looking at my sweet lens selection consisting of 3 lenses ( 10-22, 50m and a broken tele 75-300 I think) My options were limited and so I grabbed my 50 and 10-22.

I honestly forgot how much I LOVE THE NIFTY 50 it was my first lens purchase and at 125 bucks it doesn’t break the bank they do have a nicer version but its about 90 bucks more

What I love about it

Bokeh ( that background blur is cray 1.8-2.8 is so nice)

Night vision ( since its a 1.8 it can shoot for days and nights)

Price ( at 125 bucks its not breaking the bank plus if it breaks you wont cry as long )

Prime lens ( you zoom with your feet, its a great way to learn about composing an image, 50m you kinda have to be a little farther back then you would think)

First lens ( for many people this is their first lens purchase/ lens that isn’t 18-55 kit lens)

Video ( I shot a video using it that came out great

What I hate about it

No I.S. ( Image stabilization, you have to be very still if your shooting videos handheld so you don’t get an earth quake effect unless your sensor is IBS)

Cheap ( it feels cheap at 125 bucks you cant expect it to last very long )

During the pmgridchallenge 31 shots

14 of my phots were shot with the nifty 50

12 were with my iPhone

4 were with the 10-22

Here are the shots taken on the 50