Favorite photographers 2018 edition.

With the end of the year suddenly approaching I wanted to talk to you guys about my favorite photogs some of them I’ve already told you about but some I haven’t yet, they are in no particular order of awesomeness because they are amazing in their own way

1 Peter McKinnon - photo/video/coffee lover. I started following him after his YT upload on camera hacks. He is a landscape/life style photographer with a unique way of shooting wide angle shots that are also close and detailed ( strange combo but it makes sense I promise)

2 Paul Ripke- followed him since the 2014. His approach of photography is what I want to be. His shots are candid but full of emotion like he’s been your best friend for years and brought a camera to party. He shoots cars, women and sports ( also shoots only with Leica how cool is that)

3 Antoine Truchet- I was watching mrbembrown last year as he was shooting a video for Audi and he hired Antoine as a second camera man,the saying the great ones make it look easy is a perfect description of his work. He is a extreme sports photographer/videographer.

4 mrbenbrown- the O.G. Man I’ve followed him since his 365 vlog days (one of the reasons I stated shooting photo/video) he is a extreme sports, life style and car photographer/videographer. Be sure to follow him on YT his visual vibes videos are works of art and I wish he would start uploading more videos (he also shoots canon like me so yeaaa 😎)

5 Ben Haisch- I stared following him for about a year but man he specializes in wedding /Elopement photography. I would love to have had him shoot Jessica’s and my wedding. He shoots with not one but two leicas I dream of having a business where my main camera is a Leica

6-Larry Chen- I actually found out about him while watching a hoonigan video, he is a automotive photographer and a very popular on at that. I recently started shooting cars and use his pictures as refrences before my shoots.

7 Clint (nsfw) He started his photo career with just a iPhone and now shoots with a Leica which is pretty impressive. But he shoots beautiful women and who can hate on that ?

8 stevesweatpants- I found him last year while watching through the lens series on YT, Steve is a street photographer in NYC and is cofounder of streetdreams magazine. Im a loyal canon fanboy but his Sony a7 has caught my eye as maybe my next camera body

make sure to follow them on Instagram. I’ll talk to you next time compadres I’m out