Ask Ripky

Did you ever come around to downloading that Paul Ripke app like a mentioned  a few months back? if not you should its on IOS dont know if its on google play store yet 

but if this is your first time hearing of this app heres a quick run down 

1 Hes a famous photographer @paulripke on instagram he shoots sports ,women, portraits and documentary 

2 The app contains 8 of his presets ( same as lightroom ones, you just dont have that much editing freedom ) 

3 its a few bucks ( but its worth it, especially if you are new to photography/ on the fence about buying his presets) 

4 Easy to use, you just open  add photo and swipe left to right to choose your filter and up and down to change the intensity and save 

5 Regular updates !!!!!!! 

6 Presets will not make you a better photographer and not all presets will work on all images ( I usually use between 60-70 percent intensity on the app but you can decide on what looks best for you)

But during his most recent update he added 3 new features 1 inspiration (monthly fee) 2portfolio  review (50 bucks) 3 ask ripky(dollar a question) all of which have quick turn around.  This is huge! how many professional photogs actually make an app and add these features for pretty cheap

im going to do all of these in the next few day and update you on how it is 


Quick shot edited on Paul Ripke app with the ABUDHABI at 65 percent intensity