One of each

I'm a firm believer of a one body/ one lens for shooting, When I first started shooting photos I thought you needed EVERY available lens to make your photos perfect (this idea is some what true they make 1000s of lens for different reasons) but while being young and dumb with a couple extra bucks in my pocket I decided to purchase lenses without telling Jessica ( nifty 50, 75-300 zoom and a 10-22mm lens) some were pricer than other but I deemed it necessary because I'm a pro photographer now and the only thing I was missing was that big dorky photographer cargo pocket vest. Everywhere I went those lenses were strapped to my back always at the ready, hey you see that bird way over there ?( snap) see that detail this lens has pretty cool huh ?

After a few weeks of missed moments I decided to leave one lens behind and a few more moments missed ill just leave this lens behind, until only one lens survived. The lens that ended up glued to my camera for the last 2 years has been the 10-22 wide angle. The reason its stayed is its wide enough without being considered super fish eye ,it can be used for multiple types of photography/video (portraits,street,wedding and nature) but sticking with one lens you learn how the lens sees so you know how close you have to be to take the shot you want. But most importantly I developed my own style of photos by sticking with one lens,  I did like using those lenses when I first got them, but after the honey moon phase left they just became a burden 

" what if I need a close up shot?"

"ill bring the nifty 50 because its great in low light"

" If I bring the tele people might think im creeping in public"

"if I only have one lens how can I take different kinds of pictures ?"


I'm not saying buy the 10-22mm because its the best lens ever, but use your favorite lens for 30 days straight and see if you still stress about bringing every lens you have.