6 tips for shooting in low light

We went out to the aquarium to shoot some low light street photos and here are a few tips to help get you shooting like a pro in no time.

1. set exposure ( making a photo brighter/darker can change the whole context of the photo so play around with the exposure and see what looks best for your photos)

2 pose subject to get the picture you want ( some people think you can pose subjects in street photography but I think its fine so pose away until you get the photo your looking for. Ask before touching strangers)

3 work with the colors around ( since we were at the aquarium they had lots of blues and greens so try and incorporate them into your pics) 

4 using reflections ( since we were at the aquarium they had lots of glass and water try to find a way to incorporate reflections into your pics)

5 shoot from different angles ( above, low and from the hip)

6work with whats around ( lots of things are around and try shooting through something to give you different framing options)


Here is a few shots from the aquarium