Ask RIPKY pt 2

If you haven’t read Ask RIKY give that a glance so you know what i’m talking about i’ve tried his “what would ripky do?” two times and heres what I like and what I don’t like about this feature also this is just my 2 cents so take that with a grain of salt ( it also said he would get back to you within 24 hours of seeing the question when I asked my first question but that text has been removed )

I paid the 99 cents which was about 1.06 after iTunes charged my card

the first time I was a bit skeptical because I wanted my question to be precise and the best of the best question he’s ever received haha but really I want it to be a good enough question thats not super generic or something I could figure out on my own I wont go into detail of what I asked since i’m the one who paid and I would feel bad if I just give out all his information ( does that make sense)

I waited a day, then 2 followed by 3 which actually took so long I deleted the app and ended up thinking I just wasted a buck. Out of the blue I ended up re downloading the app about 9 days after the fact and he WROTE ME BACK and his response was great it was about 1.5 paragraphs long it gave examples and what he would do (duh its called what would ripke do)

super excited I was already planning on my next question.

When I though of another great question to ask I paid the 1.06 to iTunes and asked Ripke (once again I cant say what I asked but it was a good question I had my wife help me word it correctly to get the best response) I knew I would have to wait but I was hoping his response would come a lot faster but again it was about 9 days ( I received the response today as i’m writing this ) I was just as excited to see what his response was and and and it was only one sentence :( I do feel a bit bummed about his response but none the less it more or LESS answered my question

What I like about his Ask Ripke feature

  1. you get to ask a question to an actual photographer ( a person who I admire)

  2. He gives you honest feed back on what he would do / what he thinks works best since he’s actually been there done that

  3. I don’t know any Professional photographers who offer this service ( maybe Erik Kim?)

What I don’t like about the Ask Ripke feature

  1. The time it takes in between asking and receiving the answer I know he’s a busy man but maybe he could somehow add a small print section saying I answer as many questions I can on Sunday night and if I don’t get to yours this Sunday I can try to answer it the following Sunday/ if I have free time throughout the week I can get to as many as I can but the majority will be answered Sunday night (just picked a day)

  2. Maybe a Q and A of his most frequently asked question just so he doesn’t have to re answer the same question over and over and get to other new questions faster? I know he gets paid by the questions but writing the same thing over and over again would get tiresome even if he’s getting paid for each question

This is by no means a negative dig against the guy but more so a helpful opinion but they say opinions are like @ss holes everyone has one and they all stink (hahhaha)

I will be trying his website critiquing soon but im nervous I want it to be a honest review of my work but I dont want my feelings hurt because he doesnt like my work ya know

i’m debating on having him critique my insta or website both of which I want but I dont want to pay ( 50bucks twice ) my insta has more of my work but my site has my Professional work on it. hmmmm ill keep thinking about which one and let you know which one I decided