Quick impressions of the Snap app on iOS

I’ve been looking for an app that can take a decent shots my instax film without making it look like crap, My options were getting an app, buying a scanner or just shooting it with my camera and calling it good.

The app is on iOS and was 3 bucks ( semi pricey) not really a review since I bought it a few days ago and only shot 20 picks with it but here are my first impressions

make sure you’re not in the reflection of the picture before you take it or it will focus on you and you’ll have to retake it


easy UI

saves to phone and on app storage

auto crops both mini and wide film


some pics taken on the app didnt show enough detail

auto crop isn’t perfect you might have to resize it if it bothers you

check out my IGTV on this also to see more BTS of this