This was my first time going to a car show thats not just a local neighborhood free to enter type of event, I always forget how much I love cars and how unique they can be heres a few shots I took. Also check out my Youtube channel to watch my coverage of the event

Ask RIPKY pt 2

If you haven’t read Ask RIKY give that a glance so you know what i’m talking about i’ve tried his “what would ripky do?” two times and heres what I like and what I don’t like about this feature also this is just my 2 cents so take that with a grain of salt ( it also said he would get back to you within 24 hours of seeing the question when I asked my first question but that text has been removed )

I paid the 99 cents which was about 1.06 after iTunes charged my card

the first time I was a bit skeptical because I wanted my question to be precise and the best of the best question he’s ever received haha but really I want it to be a good enough question thats not super generic or something I could figure out on my own I wont go into detail of what I asked since i’m the one who paid and I would feel bad if I just give out all his information ( does that make sense)

I waited a day, then 2 followed by 3 which actually took so long I deleted the app and ended up thinking I just wasted a buck. Out of the blue I ended up re downloading the app about 9 days after the fact and he WROTE ME BACK and his response was great it was about 1.5 paragraphs long it gave examples and what he would do (duh its called what would ripke do)

super excited I was already planning on my next question.

When I though of another great question to ask I paid the 1.06 to iTunes and asked Ripke (once again I cant say what I asked but it was a good question I had my wife help me word it correctly to get the best response) I knew I would have to wait but I was hoping his response would come a lot faster but again it was about 9 days ( I received the response today as i’m writing this ) I was just as excited to see what his response was and and and it was only one sentence :( I do feel a bit bummed about his response but none the less it more or LESS answered my question

What I like about his Ask Ripke feature

  1. you get to ask a question to an actual photographer ( a person who I admire)

  2. He gives you honest feed back on what he would do / what he thinks works best since he’s actually been there done that

  3. I don’t know any Professional photographers who offer this service ( maybe Erik Kim?)

What I don’t like about the Ask Ripke feature

  1. The time it takes in between asking and receiving the answer I know he’s a busy man but maybe he could somehow add a small print section saying I answer as many questions I can on Sunday night and if I don’t get to yours this Sunday I can try to answer it the following Sunday/ if I have free time throughout the week I can get to as many as I can but the majority will be answered Sunday night (just picked a day)

  2. Maybe a Q and A of his most frequently asked question just so he doesn’t have to re answer the same question over and over and get to other new questions faster? I know he gets paid by the questions but writing the same thing over and over again would get tiresome even if he’s getting paid for each question

This is by no means a negative dig against the guy but more so a helpful opinion but they say opinions are like @ss holes everyone has one and they all stink (hahhaha)

I will be trying his website critiquing soon but im nervous I want it to be a honest review of my work but I dont want my feelings hurt because he doesnt like my work ya know

i’m debating on having him critique my insta or website both of which I want but I dont want to pay ( 50bucks twice ) my insta has more of my work but my site has my Professional work on it. hmmmm ill keep thinking about which one and let you know which one I decided

The Visitors

My family from Washington came over last week to come and visit which is awesome but sadly their stay was not long enough, But I do have a mini series called the '“The Visitors” its mini vlogs of what we did when they were here check it out on my YouTube channel Make sure to subscribe and hit the bell to be the first ones to see the vids!!!!

Here is a few pics I took of them while there were here

Comic con/Fan X 2018

So excited for this event every year.Getting a chance to hang out with fellow nerds and take pictures and now video! it was a great day, here are a few pics from the event. Be sure to check out my youtube in the next few days to watch the cine-mode and vlog of the event 

Street shooting with the canon 100 mm f2.8

My neighbor recently bought the Canon 100mm as a new video lens and asked if I would like to use it for a few days and let him know how I liked it as a stills camera. I uploaded a video a few days ago on youtube you should check it out below. Here are a few pics I got

6 tips for shooting in low light

We went out to the aquarium to shoot some low light street photos and here are a few tips to help get you shooting like a pro in no time.

1. set exposure ( making a photo brighter/darker can change the whole context of the photo so play around with the exposure and see what looks best for your photos)

2 pose subject to get the picture you want ( some people think you can pose subjects in street photography but I think its fine so pose away until you get the photo your looking for. Ask before touching strangers)

3 work with the colors around ( since we were at the aquarium they had lots of blues and greens so try and incorporate them into your pics) 

4 using reflections ( since we were at the aquarium they had lots of glass and water try to find a way to incorporate reflections into your pics)

5 shoot from different angles ( above, low and from the hip)

6work with whats around ( lots of things are around and try shooting through something to give you different framing options)


Here is a few shots from the aquarium  

One of each

I'm a firm believer of a one body/ one lens for shooting, When I first started shooting photos I thought you needed EVERY available lens to make your photos perfect (this idea is some what true they make 1000s of lens for different reasons) but while being young and dumb with a couple extra bucks in my pocket I decided to purchase lenses without telling Jessica ( nifty 50, 75-300 zoom and a 10-22mm lens) some were pricer than other but I deemed it necessary because I'm a pro photographer now and the only thing I was missing was that big dorky photographer cargo pocket vest. Everywhere I went those lenses were strapped to my back always at the ready, hey you see that bird way over there ?( snap) see that detail this lens has pretty cool huh ?

After a few weeks of missed moments I decided to leave one lens behind and a few more moments missed ill just leave this lens behind, until only one lens survived. The lens that ended up glued to my camera for the last 2 years has been the 10-22 wide angle. The reason its stayed is its wide enough without being considered super fish eye ,it can be used for multiple types of photography/video (portraits,street,wedding and nature) but sticking with one lens you learn how the lens sees so you know how close you have to be to take the shot you want. But most importantly I developed my own style of photos by sticking with one lens,  I did like using those lenses when I first got them, but after the honey moon phase left they just became a burden 

" what if I need a close up shot?"

"ill bring the nifty 50 because its great in low light"

" If I bring the tele people might think im creeping in public"

"if I only have one lens how can I take different kinds of pictures ?"


I'm not saying buy the 10-22mm because its the best lens ever, but use your favorite lens for 30 days straight and see if you still stress about bringing every lens you have.




Breakfast is an all day event

Jess told me about a pop up art exhibit in downtown SLC called Hall of Breakfast 

I was a bit skeptical about this because I'm not a Breakfast person ( besides a coffee and donut) so I went in with zero hopes of me liking this. I was wrong. This place is LITERALLY the best    family/date activity, They have so many interactive things to do in each exhibit ( 10-12 total exhibits) buy your tickets quick before they are sold out again 

I also did a short video about this place and took a few pics


Ask Ripky

Did you ever come around to downloading that Paul Ripke app like a mentioned  a few months back? if not you should its on IOS dont know if its on google play store yet 

but if this is your first time hearing of this app heres a quick run down 

1 Hes a famous photographer @paulripke on instagram he shoots sports ,women, portraits and documentary 

2 The app contains 8 of his presets ( same as lightroom ones, you just dont have that much editing freedom ) 

3 its a few bucks ( but its worth it, especially if you are new to photography/ on the fence about buying his presets) 

4 Easy to use, you just open  add photo and swipe left to right to choose your filter and up and down to change the intensity and save 

5 Regular updates !!!!!!! 

6 Presets will not make you a better photographer and not all presets will work on all images ( I usually use between 60-70 percent intensity on the app but you can decide on what looks best for you)

But during his most recent update he added 3 new features 1 inspiration (monthly fee) 2portfolio  review (50 bucks) 3 ask ripky(dollar a question) all of which have quick turn around.  This is huge! how many professional photogs actually make an app and add these features for pretty cheap

im going to do all of these in the next few day and update you on how it is 


Quick shot edited on Paul Ripke app with the ABUDHABI at 65 percent intensity 

I have failed you

For that I am sorry. Let me start from the beginning.I have this habit of starting new hobbies/projects  ( T.V. shows, games, photography and videography) and when I start these things I go full speed until something new takes its place and then a short while later something takes thats place and so on its a vicious cycle. while trying to update my portfolio ( like every normal photographer should do) I noticed something that ive never had happen before... I HAD NO NEW PHOTOS TO ADD TO MY PORTFOLIO!

Yes, you read that correctly NO NEW PHOTOS. As fellow photographers you should know that this the ultimate crime that no form of punishment can do justice, for that photography I am sorry this will change, photography has been with me for the last 12 years and should not fall by the wayside. 

A new photo project will come shortly

The Damn Handsomes

I've been wanting to find more things to shot/video since i finished my 365 project a few months back and decided to shoot a music video for a local band called The Damn Handsomes, I was not expecting me to like this video as much as I do ( not saying I was going in already dreading it) but this was really one of my favorite videos I filmed/edited this year  

plus I got an idea for a new series called "locals only" where I film small local businesses/people doing things they love 

 you can watch it on my youtube channel   ( maybe show some love and hit the sub)

here is a few shots 

You need this app

The photographer Ive been following for the last few years has just released his presets on IOS, Before the only way you could use them is buy buying them for lightroom ( about 40 bucks when I  purchased them)  the app is easy to you swipe left or right to change the filter and up and down to change the intensity and tap the screen to save.

Super easy right ? 

Here are a few sample pics 


The day I've been dreaming/dreadding  of has finally come, I finished my 365 project!! this was the hardest of all the 365 projects ive done ( photo a day and growing a beard for a year) I learned a lot and  will continue to make videos on my channel but I just need a small break to relax from this madness that was my life in the mean time here are pics of me through out  the last year 

Easter 2018

Here is a few pics from over easter weekend with my extended family 

Festival of colors Utah

We went to the festival of colors over the weekend it has become one of our new family traditions and we also brought our friend Kellie along with us since she's never been to it before, Holi is a Hindu festival to welcome the coming of spring and they celebrate it by throwing colored powder in the air and at other people. We we're lucky that we went sat and not sunday since another snow storm came in and they had to cancel early.(we forgot to tell mother nature its spring time) But here is a few shots that I managed to take in-between filming my cine-mode video on my YouTube channel ( make sure to watch it ) 

RIP my 70D

While setting up for a daily video, Sydney thought that climbing under the tripod would be a great idea and she knocked it over and well the canon died. She broke  the shutter and dented the nd filter on my lens. Im sending it off to canon usa this week and hopefully they can fix it for cheap, but im guessing its going to be around 300-500 bucks...... 

so until other wise noted all videos and pics will be shot on my iPhone 

Red planet

Went to St George last weekend for a mini road trip to see Jessicas grandparents/ family. On one of the days her family offered to watch the girls so we could have the afternoon off, so we decided to visit one of the parks in town and it was all red rocks. Dont know if you guys have seen them before but its really cool to look at... except some idiots decided to carve their names in it not cool man 

Here are a the pics of the place 

Date night

Bought tickets to black panther yesterday and it was soooooo good that we might go back next week to rewatch it here is some quick shots of our date 

Zoo trip

Decided last second that we should go to the zoo to stretch our legs and get some sweet zoo pics, but it was cold and windy ( 35 degrees maybe with the wind chill) no animals were really out and the ones that were did not want me to take their picture


Jess surprised me with a dog! She's a chocolate lab mix ( Aussie and they said her mom was part pit) she's very shy and mellow which is good since we have 2 kids. Here are a few pics I'll try not to be that person who posts a lot on ig about her but she's really cute